Mexico Nuevo School System was created 20 years ago with the aim of encouraging men and women to contribute to the establishment of a new and every day better society.

CMN is a mixed and bilingual school integrating technology
in their classrooms and remains at the forefront.

Our School System adopts a Humanist Philosophy that considers the person as a being in relation with others.

We prepare the student to express those spiritual, moral, cultural and ecological values, empowering him to become an agent of change to build a more prosperous and fair Mexico.


Human formation is very important for us.

The acquisition of knowledge and the development of abilities and intellectual skills in our schools, aim for a high intellectual training needed for the integral development of the person which is required for social responsibility in our students and for the evolution of society itself.

That is why OUR MISSION states: to form, within a happy and secure environment, men and women in all its dimensions as a human being, capable of generating and implepenting the change towards a new society based on Respect, Justice and Love.

Formación humana


1993 1994

Mexico Nuevo School, Campus Guadalajara La Calma, initiated activities from Preschool to High School.

It started with 303 students

The Educational System of Mexico Nuevo Schools was founded.

2005 2006

Mexico Nuevo School, Campus Queretaro, initiated activities from Preschool to High School.

It started with 738 students

Mexico Nuevo School, Campus Guadalajara, Santa Anita, initiated activities from Preschool to High School.

It started with 515 students

The teacher is the guide whom accompanies the development of the professional lives of our students, always providing them physical, emotional and intellectual support.

  • Educational Model

    Mexico Nuevo Educational System has established a number of additional programs other than the official education curricula. These programs are:

    • Education in Values • Young Entrepreneur • English • Informatics

    These programs are aimed to ensure that high school graduates have the greatest number of tools allowing them to interact with others and with their environment, so that they can develop and establish proposals for improvement in their social context, distinguished by their entrepreneurial spirit, their actions towards sustainability and achieve acceptance at any college and career of their choice.

  • Formation of Values

    In our schools, Respect, Justice and Love have been recognized as the fundamental values ​​to coexist in harmony and establish relationships that go beyond our educational community.

    Formación de Valores
    “Today, I will be better with Respect, Justice and Love
  • Competency-based Model

    Education in the XXI century must allow students to prepare for the challenge of a globalized world. Therefore, we rely on an international competence that we interpret as:

    Integrated actions to identify, interpret, argue and resolve context issues with suitability and ethical commitment that need a selective stimulation of the different types of knowledge: Learning to be, Learning to live with others, Learning to do, Learning to know- Tobon and Mucharraz 2010
  • Cross-Cutting Themes

    For CMN, Cross-Cutting Themes are lessons being worked through academic programs, so that they become essential characteristics of students who graduate from our institution.

    Formación de Valores
  • Cultural and Sports Activities

    We educate children and young people, with integration skills, honest, tolerant and respectful of differences, with positive attitude, creative, with mental ability for strategies and tactics.

    Fellowship, cooperation and support are encouraged.

    Extracurricular (Art and Sports) activities designed in order to discover their talents, develop their skills and canalize the use of their free time.

    The programs' goal is that community members can identify with the Educational Institution, forming school teams in different disciplines that represent schools in state and intercollegiate competitions; thus, live sports and culture with joy, spirit of victory and competing in a healthy environment.

  • Teacher and Management Training

    We have expert teachers for each curriculum and highly qualified staff that receive weekly coaching in order to improve their strategies and stay in constant and continuous updating.

    Our teachers care about providing personal attention and follow-up to each of their students and their parents in order to accompany them throughout their development to be better every day and make changes in the world.


In Mexico Nuevo schools, we encourage our students to develop skills that will make them achieve high levels of education and an integral formation as human beings within a happy, secure environment.

We know that each one of them is unique, has his own way of learning and expressing, thinks and feels in a particular way, likes to learn and discover the world that surrounds him/her.

  • Nursery - Preschool

    It is aimed at the children's integral
    development respecting their age, interests
    and rate of growth, while their emotional,
    intellectual and physical abilities are cultivated.

    Our educational model provides the child
    an active learning, based on direct interaction
    with: objects, events and ideas that promote
    creativity and thus the opportunity to solve problems.

  • Preschool - Kindergarten

    Learning is focused on building the development
    of identity, self-esteem and self-confidence.

    Preschool is bilingual since the first year.
    Our students will recognize that there is another
    language through which they can communicate and that
    has similarities and differences with their native tongue.
    They use technology to support their learning process.
    The visual--motor and psychomotor abilities are encouraged.

  • Elementary

    Elementary school is bilingual and the process unfolds literacy in both languages ​​, so students can communicate in both; oral and written.

    We have weekly technology classes; one in Spanish and in for English, so that the student uses information technologies and communication that the school provides in an autonomous and reasoned way, in order to read, produce, and manage documents in different didactic situations.

  • Junior High School

    The essential purpose of this level is that students use different sources of information and learn to evaluate them critically; organize and share information using different tools ; develop key skills such as logical thinking, problem solving and data analysis; explore and analyze phenomena related with the physical and social world.

    The student will use the English language for cultural purposes to learn content from different areas.

  • High School

    The graduate from Mexico Nuevo Schools System faces problems creating and strengthening his knowledge, skills and values, taking into account the environment in which he develops.

    The graduate communicates both, oral and written in English at the same level of his native tongue. Uses ICT (Information Technologies and Communication) to transform information into knowledge and uses them in everyday life and school context.

    As a result, the student, will automatically and successfully get admission to the university of his choice because he is confident, and due to his training he is able to make responsible decisions.


Our Campus

We have five campus in Mexico that provide our students with a Catholic inspiration education , open to all faiths, and with English as a second language.


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