Extracurricular Activities (ACUDE)

At Colegio México Nuevo System we are convinced that the daily practice of CULTURAL AND SPORTS ACTIVITIES contributes to an integral formation and favors the harmonious development of our students.

These activities are designed for students to discover their talents, develop their skills in artistic and sports areas, and direct the use of their free time. The proposed activities train the participants in collaborative work, respect for rules, development of healthy habits and construction of a positive self-image. The events that are organized promote a sense of belonging with the Educational Institution and its community. Its members are distinguished because they know how to manage their emotions and show themselves as human beings with will determination.

Ajedrez Colegio México Nuevo


Chess within ACUDE's activities has the fundamental purpose... Read more

Cherr and dance Colegio México Nuevo

This discipline aims to develop the artistic talents ... Read more

Musical expression

Musical expression as a school discipline is intended to ... Read more.


The discipline of painting aims to be a means to promote the expression ... Read more.

Básquetbol CMN

Physical conditioning and basketball exercises

Basketball within the school framework has the purpose ... Read more.

Fútbol CMN

Physical conditioning and soccer exercises

Soccer as a school sport aims to develop social skills in students ... Read more.

Taekwondo CMN

Physical conditioning and Taekwondo exercises

Taekwondo in the school setting has the purpose of promoting ... Read more.

Voleibol CMN

Physical conditioning and volleyball exercises

Volleyball, as a school sport, has the fundamental ... Read more.

Flag Football (Tocho)

This activity is practiced in a male and female group ... Read more.

Gimnasia CMN

Gymnastics is a variant of yoga and is considered ... Read more.



Theater at school as a group activity allows the student ... Read more.


Film Production and Editing

Film production and editing is a discipline that ... Read more.



Gastronomy develops creativity in students...
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Hockey sobre pasto

Field hockey

In this discipline there are a series of benefits such as ...
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Fraternity Meeting 

Extracurricular activities, cultural and sports academies (ACUDE) are represented at the Fraternity Meeting.
It is the appropriate space to generate coexistence between the educational community of the different cities where the CMN System is present. EDELAF, as it is abbreviated, is the opportunity for students to manifest and consolidate through contests and exhibitions, in academic, cultural and sports activities, the comprehensive education they receive in schools and that allows them to express themselves through coexistence based on values ​​its will and character.

8th Meeting of the Fraternity
Santa Anita, Gdl. 2023

Previous meetings

6th Meeting of the Fraternity
Querétaro 2019

7th Meeting of the Fraternity
Veracruz 2020

Educational programs

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Campus La Calma Colegio México Nuevo
La Calma, Zapopan, Jalisco.
Campus Querétaro Colegio México Nuevo
Querétaro, Qro.
Campus Santa Anita Colegio México Nuevo
Santa Anita, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco.
Campus Puebla Colegio México Nuevo
Lomas de Angelópolis, Puebla.
Campus Morelia Colegio México Nuevo
Altozano, Morelia, Mich.


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