Decision power

Actions and Proactivity

Personal freedom

Make the difference with CMN.

Live the experience

New optional subjects

Food Engineering

French language

Photography and graphic design

Without Borders

Graduate profile of High School students

Integrates successfully into the university environment.

Expresses assertively ideas, feelings and emotions for the generation of projects.

Manages and uses the available resources to undertake sustainable projects that favor society and the environment.

Exercises a positive influence in society with a permanent attitude of learning and openness to change.

Is respectful, just, proactive and solidary.

Makes responsible decisions because the consequences are faced.

Exercises leadership in collaborative projects and makes good use of the talents of people.

Directs personal competences to be a proactive example of contribution to the building of a new Mexico.

Characteristics of High School

Financial and entrepreneurship educational program

Vocational guidance that contributes to the formation of a life project and career

Aid in the decision of the propedeutic area

Our Value Formation Program culminates with the adequate



Learning English is undertaken with the Pearson publisher’s tools. The purpose of the early years classes is to develop the student’s competent use of the language. The last year is focused on business English with emphasis on British pronunciation with a view toward the Cambridge University certification.

In addition to the hours devoted to developing the language, the technology and arts subjects are wholly in English. This makes our High School bilingual.

The program is designed so that our students graduate with a B2+ and C1 levels in accordance with the European Common Reference Framework.

The student environment of Colegio México Nuevo

Education is
oriented towards



Social Involvement


· Learns to moderate emotions and to work collaboratively.

· Develops self-confidence to express, dialogue and converse in the mother tongue.

· Develops an interest and taste for reading, and identifies different types of texts and their use.

· Will use mathematical reasoning in situations that require correspondence relationships, quantity and localization.

· Is interested in observing natural phenomena and the characteristics of living beings.

· Will appropriate the necessary principles and values for life in community.

· Will use imagination and fantasy, initiative and creativity to self-express through artistic languages.

· Will practice individual and collective health actions to preserve and promote a healthy life.


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