Our System of schools
Adopts a humanist philosophy


Human training is very important to us

The acquisition of knowledge and the development of intellectual abilities and skills in our educational centers are fed in favor of a high intellectual formation, necessary for the integral development of the person and required by the social responsibility of our students and by the evolution of the same society.

Our mision: To develop human beings in all dimensions, within a happy and safe environment, living through the values of respect, justice and love to generate and implement changes towards a vanguard society.

Our history

Colegios Mexico Nuevo System, was born more than 29 years ago with the purpose of developing 
men and women that will contribute to the establishment of a new and better society.



Colegio Mexico Nuevo is born, Campus Guadalajara, La Calma.


The Educational System of the Colegio Mexico Nuevo is founded.


The Colegio Mexico Nuevo, Campus Querétaro, is born.


The Colegio Mexico Nuevo, Campus Guadalajara, Santa Anita is born.


The Colegio Mexico Nuevo, Campus Puebla, is born.


The Colegio Mexico Nuevo, Campus Morelia, is born.

Humanistic philosophy

Colegios México Nuevo System adopts a humanistic philosophy that emphasizes the personal worth of the individual, the centrality of human values, and the creative, active nature of human beings.

Moral values

We prepare our students to be able to express the spiritual, moral, cultural and ecological values to make them agents of change to build a more prosperous and righteous México.

Educational programs

Get to know our Campuses

We offer you facilities specially designed for the optimal development of your children's educational, cultural and sports activities.

Campus La Calma Colegio México Nuevo
La Calma, Zapopan, Jalisco.
Campus Querétaro Colegio México Nuevo
Querétaro, Querétaro.
Campus Santa Anita Colegio México Nuevo
Santa Anita, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco.
Campus Puebla Colegio México Nuevo
Lomas de Angelópolis, Puebla.
Campus Morelia Colegio México Nuevo
Altozano, Morelia, Mich.


Today I will be better with respect, justice and love.

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