Colegio México Nuevo
Junior High

Junior High

Profile of the Junior High Graduate

Responsible, honest and supportive towards his family and his country.

Assertively expresses their emotions and feelings, both in Spanish and English through the use of technology.

Works collaboratively with an attitude of search and openness to change based on justice.

Physical development through exercise and sports.

Has high-level cognitive skills to design and implement innovative proposals.

Is a leader in the generation of sustainable and entrepreneurial projects.

Uses personal skills and those of his team for mutual development and, thus, contributes to the construction of a New Mexico.

Educational program

Educational program.
We focus on strengthening identity, self-esteem and self-respect, and the creation, development and acquisition of habits, to form young people who are self-aware of their actions and consequences, capable of expressing their thoughts and emotions, eager to collaborate and lead sustainable and creative projects that offer solutions to common problems.

English Language

The student must use the English language for cultural purposes to learn content in various areas through English subjects and to promote an awareness of the value of things and responsibility. A savings plan will be made during the subject of Financial Education to make a trip abroad and, thus, strengthen this second language.

Specialized Teachers

The accompaniment of highly qualified teachers is the fundamental pillar for the fulfillment of the objectives.
The structure of care is permanent, including coordinators, tutors, the psycho-pedagogical department and the middle school head.

Extracurricular activities

The purpose of living different experiences throughout their studies in the secondary section is to promote collaborative learning, values, coexistence and the development of human relationships. We invite you to know one of these activities.

Transversal axis

In the Colegios México Nuevo system, the transversal axis are learnings that are delivered simultaneously by the academic programs, and are intended to become essential characteristics of our graduates.


To develop people that take with courage and resolution difficult actions. CMN system develops entrepreneurs because our graduates are innovative, flexible, dynamic and capable to confront risks, to be creative and to orient themselves towards personal and environmental development.


According to the Bruntland Report (1987), sustainability consists in satisfying the current generation’s needs without sacrificing the capacity of future generations to satisfy their own needs. However, this definition has been expanded to saying that it is not only a matter of finding a balance between human development and the life of ecosystems, but also to look for a way that will bring equality between individuals and communities, nations and generations; to look for an alternative that allows the distribution of riches (meaning access to resources and opportunities) and increasing prosperity for all.

Social Involvement

Working with other members of the community and together achieving the best conditions of equality for the common good based on a conscientious citizen responsibility, developing viable projects to achieve the development and improvement of people.


 All our students are capable and have different channels for processing knowledge.

One of the strategies that are especially important at CMN are the socio-educational projects.

They develop the transversal axes of our Educational System: sustainability, entrepreneurship and social projection.

Training in values: order, obedience, hard work, sincerity, respect, tolerance, responsibility, generosity, loyalty, justice, solidarity, honesty and prudence.

Colegio Mexico Nuevo young graduates integrate a humanistic-constructivist formation, which provides them with knowledge, skills and values.

A happy and safe space for your children

Educational programs

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We offer you facilities specially designed for the optimal development of your children's educational, cultural and sports activities.

Campus La Calma Colegio México Nuevo
La Calma, Zapopan, Jalisco.
Campus Querétaro Colegio México Nuevo
Queretaro, Querétaro.
Campus Santa Anita Colegio México Nuevo
Santa Anita, Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, Jalisco.
Campus Puebla Colegio México Nuevo
Lomas de Angelópolis, Puebla.
Campus Morelia Colegio México Nuevo
Altozano, Morelia, Mich.


Today I will be better with respect, justice and love.

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